15" Inch WB-03 Technobots Computron Combiner 6-Pack "Assorted Vehicles" Oversized Warbotron G1

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This is a completed and painted, transformable figure.

Warbotron WB-03 Technobots Computron - KO Oversized Transformers (Transformers: Combiner Wars). Transform from robot mode into the assorted vehicles just like the tv show!

All five figures form the mighty Warbotron WB-03! Towering above other combiner figures, each figure individually transforms and can combine to form the mighty Warbotron! WB03E includes the combiner parts and is rumored to include die-cast in the feet.

All 5 figures combine together to form the mighty Technobots Computron Combiner!

- 1 x WB03A Turbo Ejector - Scattershot
- 1 x WB03B Speed Wheel - Afterburner
- 1 x WB03C Hammer Sharpener - Light Speed
- 1 x WB03D Double Strike - Nosecone
- 1 x WB03E Laser Cannon - Strafe


  • [Figure Size]: Approximately 15in tall
  • [Materials]: ABS 
  • [Features]: 5 Combinable Figures
  • [Vehicle Mode]: Assorted Vehicles