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Our Mission..

Provide an easy to organize platform for customers to purchase collectibles in Los Angeles, CA. Feel free to reach out to us if you are looking for something specific or if you have any comments / suggestions.

Almost all X-Plus products are originally imported from Japan and are currently not available for sale in any stores in the United States. Most these figures were only available through pre-orders and purchases in Japan.

There is no warranty for any of the X-Plus products. 'My Collectible Collections' takes no responsibility for anything that happens involving the product or anyone involved with the figure once it is delivered and accepted.

Special limited edition figures featuring light ups do not come with a guarantee the electronics will work. These are sealed items and there is no way to test battery features (unless the product has been displayed, in which case we provide a 7 day window for returns). Any kind of malfunction or issue with the electronics is the responsibility and liability of X-Plus Shonen-Ric. If there is an LED issue, we can contact Shonen-Ric on your behalf but we cannot guarantee any results.

Each item is photographed and documented before it is placed in a shipping box and sent to our customers. Returns will not be accepted for slight creases to the boxes. Some packaging might contain recycled paper or other packing materials.

Most of these figures are discontinued and had a limited run so all of the orders from My Collectible Collections are "AS IS". Some boxes ordered directly from X-Plus still come with creasing sometimes. Neither returns nor discounts will be granted for reasons related to wear and tear to boxes.

We offer our clients a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE you will receive the product you paid for.

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