18" Inch Deformation Predaking Combiner 6-Pack + UPGRADE KIT "Animals" Oversized Jinbao Predacons G1

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This is a completed and painted, transformable figure.

Jinbao Predaking - KO Oversized Transformers (Transformers: Generations Power of the Prime). Transform from robot mode into the animals just like the tv show! Currently Jinbao has released four combiner figures: Devastator, Predaking, Bruticus, and Nero Predaking. The upgrade kit comes with articulated hands and upgraded replaceable parts.

Includes all 6 figures, including the upgrade kit!

  • Razorclaw - The leader of the Predacons. He transforms into a lion. Razorclaw forms the head, massive torso & thighs of Predaking. Razorclaw despises the unnecessary expenditure of energy and resources. He is preternaturally patient, always waiting for the best moment to strike.
  • Divebomb - He transforms into an eagle. Divebomb forms the left arm of Predaking and his wings also become Predaking's wings. He is a loner by nature. Divebomb only combines with his teammates when he has no other option. On his own, he amuses himself by destroying objects from the air for the sheer joy of it.
  • Headstrong - He transforms into an Indian rhinoceros. Headstrong forms the right lower leg of Predaking. He is unbelievably stubborn and does not take advice from anyone. However, Headstrong is probably the weakest of the team and extremely insecure about it. 
  • Rampage - He transforms into a tiger. Rampage forms the right arm of Predaking. He is a little more than a raging psychopath, in a constant state of anger that leaves even the other Predacons afraid of him. Thankfully, there is one way of keeping Rampage under control for he is easily distracted by mindless television entertainment.
  • Tantrum - He transforms into a bull. Tantrum forms the left lower leg of Predaking. Tantrum is the fueler of the Predacons, always using brute force to see things through, even when it is not called for. In reality, he has severe anger problems and releases his anger by destroying anything unlucky enough to get in his way.

All 6 decepticon figures combine together to form the mighty Predaking Combiner! Into The Sky MMC Feral Rex KO!


  • [Figure Size]: Approximately 19" tall, Sword 23in long
  • [Materials]: ABS 
  • [Features]: 6 Combinable Figures
  • [Vehicle Mode]: Animals

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