18" Inch Tall Endoskeleton Terminator T-800 LE (LIGHT UP) LED 1/4 Scale Figure LIMITED EDITION

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This is a plastic model with pre-painted parts, portraying an item from science-fiction/anime.

This cool action figure shows the T-800's endoskeleton from the second film in the legendary 'Terminator' series. It stands approx. 45 cm tall and comes in a full color window box. The eyes light up at the touch of a button. He comes with Rifle accessory and changeable extra hand!
There's no better way to wipe out a future human resistance movement than with this Terminator T-800 Action Figure. This unbelievable robotic endoskeleton stands an amazing 18-inches tall and comes with its own rifle. It's fully poseable and features light-up eyes. Use your best judgment and if you've got the guts, take this irresistible assassin into your home or office to flabbergast your friends!
  • [Figure Size]: Approximately 18in tall
  • [Materials]: Plastic
  • [Features]: Rifle Accessory & Secondary Hand
  • [Condition]: New (Box may have slight wear) / New (Open) 'Not Removed'

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