18" Inch Deformation Bruticus Combiner 5-Pack "War Vehicles" Oversized Warboton WB-01 G1

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This is a completed and painted, transformable figure.

Jinbao Bruticus / Warboton WB-01 - KO Oversized Transformers (Transformers: Generations Power of the Prime). Transform from robot mode into the war vehicles just like the tv show! Currently Jinbao has released four combiner figures: Devastator, Predaking, Bruticus, and Nero Predaking.

Bruticus is the combined form of the Combaticon team. A terrifying sight on the battlefield, Bruticus is among the strongest of all Transformers. He can pulverize a suspension bridge with a single 14,000 psi punch. He can lift up to 500,000 pounds. His armor is impervious to most artillery and radiation.

He's also as dumb as a sack of hammers. But as far as Decepticon combiners go, that's not a problem, as mental problems aren't terribly uncommon. In fact, Megatron wishes that he had an army of Bruticuses, and Optimus Prime is thankful that he doesn't.

All 5 decepticon figures combine together to form the mighty Bruticus Combiner!


  • [Figure Size]: Approximately 18in tall
  • [Materials]: ABS 
  • [Features]: 5 Combinable Figures
  • [Vehicle Mode]: War Vehicles

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