14” Inch Constructicon Devastator "Construction Vehicles" 6-Pack Combiner (LIGHT UP & SFX) LED ROTF

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This is a completed and painted, transformable figure.

Six detailed vehicles combine to form the mighty CONSTRUCTICON DEVASTATOR figure with electronic speech and motion-activated sounds! Vortex Grinder opens! Includes LONG HAUL, MIXMASTER, SCAVENGER, RAMPAGE, SCRAPPER, and HIGHTOWER vehicles. Includes 2 AA batteries. Ages 5 and up.

One of the biggest Transformers toys ever made, the Constructicon Devastator brings the power of the Decepticons to your home. Having appeared in the summer blockbuster Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Devastator can disassemble into six, smaller, fully functional Transformer vehicles. With its motion-activated sounds and movie-accurate detail, this toy is a must-have for any Transformers collector, ages five years and older.

Your Own Transformers Experience 
Staying true to the movie, Devastator is massive, standing well over a foot in height and dwarfing most other Transformers toys. He is a solid, heavy, and well-built toy. Pulling a lever on his chest causes his mouth (called the Vortex Grinder) to light up with bright, neon-green LED lights. The lever also triggers battle sounds and quotes taken straight from the movie.

Devastator isn't the most flexible toy around. Because of his size, he can be a bit cumbersome to play with. However, his elbows and knees are articulated, which makes him easier to position and balance. He also has realistic details, which gives him value as a collector's replica.

Devastator consists of six smaller construction vehicles: the Constructicons. These detailed vehicles are painted in earthy colors suited for their rough construction jobs. Together, the Constructicons form a complete construction team. There is a bulldozer, a dump truck, an excavator, a scoop loader, a mixer and a crawler crane. They prove to be very maneuverable on a hard surface, able to make hairpin turns easily. However, it should be noted that, unlike their film counterparts, these vehicles do not transform into robots individually.

An Enjoyable, Challenging Assembly
Devastator might be one of the biggest transformers around, but it's also one of the most difficult to put together. Parents should be aware that the Devastator requires some degree of finesse to assemble -- and in some cases, strength. Some of the snapping parts are especially tricky to connect together, and prove difficult to pry apart. The toy is labeled as a Level 4 conversion, so younger children will have difficulty converting the toy by themselves. It took our tester (an experienced Transformer player) nearly 15 minutes to figure everything out. Still, putting the toy together should provide a constructive challenge for older kids.

What's in the Box
Constructicon Devastator (batteries included).

  • [Figure Size]: Approximately 14" tall
  • [Materials]: Plastic ABS
  • [Features]: LED Lights & Sound FX
  • [Vehicle Mode]: Construction Vehicles

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