12" Inch Tall Godzilla X-Plus 1962 FSL TOHO Favorite Sculptors Line King Kong 'Walking Pose'

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This is a soft-vinyl (PVC) kit with pre-painted parts, portraying an item from science-fiction/anime.

X-Plus's latest figure of the mighty Godzilla features the King of the Kaiju as he was seen in 1962's "King Kong vs. Godzilla" striding purposefully down the Tohoku Main Line! He's sculpted by Inoue Aarth with the incredible attention to detail that X Plus is known for, and is about 32cm tall; order him for your own collection today!

  • [Figure Size]: Approximately 32cm tall
  • [Materials]: Soft vinyl (PVC)
  • [Features]: 1962 Walking Pose Sculpt
  • [Condition]: New Sealed