12" Inch THF-03 Dynastron Megatron LIGHT UP & SFX LED "Blaster" Oversized Masterpiece 'MP-36' G1

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This is a completed and painted, transformable figure.

Toy House Factory Dynastron Lord of Chaos Megatron THF-03 MP36 - KO Oversized Transformers (Transformers: Generation 1 TV Show). Transform from robot mode into the blaster just like the tv show.

In Transformers, Megatron (aka Galvatron) feels great contempt for other Transformers who, he feels, betray their proud heritage by demanding peace and cooperation with weaker life forms. He often shows dramatic examples of cowardice by abandoning losing battles, concealed in rage. Although he isn't as physically strong as Optimus, his ability to analyze any situation and utilize it as a weapon makes the Decepticons deadly.

Set Includes:

One Cannon with 8 English Voice Clips

2 x LR44 button batteries required (NOT included) for Sound and light functions.

  • [Figure Size]: Approximately 11.7in tall
  • [Materials]: ABS / Diecast
  • [Features]: Exclusive Light & Sound Functions
  • [Vehicle Mode]: Weapon

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